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We only sell the freshest and highest quality produce and meat. CV Beef's recommendation is to consume all meat products fresh or freeze within 24 hours. 

We do not use any added preservatives to any of our products meaning they don't last as long. 

Proof of purchase required for any returns and all returns to go through

'The Entertainers'


For more than just the family! Enjoy this premium bulk pack for events and functions, or a killer BBQ! 

Premium products and a total of 15kg of meat!!

What you get...

1kg T-Bones
1kg x Blade Steak
1kg Rib Fillet 
1kg Eye Fillets 
3kg Sausages
2kg Premium Mince
1kg Beef Kebab w/veg
1kg Diced Beef 
2kg Roast Beef
1kg x Lamb Cutlets
1kg x Lamb Loin Chops
1kg Rindless Bacon