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We only sell the freshest and highest quality produce and meat. CV Beef's recommendation is to consume all meat products fresh or freeze within 24 hours. 

We do not use any added preservatives to any of our products meaning they don't last as long. 

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Pork Spare Ribs p/kg

Pork Spare Ribs p/kg


Local Byron Bay Pork - Hormone and antibiotic-free, premium quality and taste!

A delicious, convenient and mid-week dinner dish.

If you cook them up to 190 to 203°F, the collagens and fats melt at this temp and makes the meat more tender and juicy. Then they're ready!


They are cut from the lower portion of the animals specifically the belly and breastbone, behind the shoulder, and include 11 to 13 long bones. There is a covering of meat on top of the bones and also between them.