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We only sell the freshest and highest quality produce and meat. CV Beef's recommendation is to consume all meat products fresh or freeze within 24 hours. 

We do not use any added preservatives to any of our products meaning they don't last as long. 

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Chicken, Leek + Mushroom Parcel - p/each

Chicken, Leek + Mushroom Parcel - p/each


A delicous mix of chicken, leak, mushroom, seeded mustard, mozzarella, dijon mustard, wheat flour, butter, salt + pepper all wrapped up in one delicious parcel. 

  • We're all for our Quality Assurance and our 100% Quality Guarantee. 

    If your not satisfied with your meat for any reason, we will re-supply your order free of charge and if you are still not satisfied for any reason, we will supply a full refund. 

Price is p/kg only - Increase QTY. if you would like to increase kg qty.